Super Snaps Fridge Magnets

Documenting Our Days With Super Snaps

Remembering Those Special Places

Ben and I are always on the hunt for new places to visit and go. As a couple we’ve been fortunate enough to go all over and now as a family we want to do the same, show the boys what the world has to offer. It’s easy to forget where we’ve been as a couple and where we have been as a family so I decided to create a memory map showing all the places we’ve visited together. This is something I can have on display and something the boys can look at and enjoy.

Super Snaps Mini Retro Prints

Super Snaps Retro Prints

Our Super Snaps Memory Map

It will allow them as they get older to appreciate and visualise all the places we’ve been, hopefully triggering memories of special times we’ve shared. It will also allow me to see where we haven’t been yet and where our next adventure could be!

With the help of Super Snaps and their mini retro prints I have been able to plot a point on the map and put a photograph of the memories of what we have done together!

Super Snaps Memory Map

Super Snaps Mini Retro Prints Memory Map

Fridge Fun!

Whilst ordering the mini retro prints I fell in love with the mini magnets! The boys are forever pulling out my old photo albums and in this day and age everything is digital so photographs just aren’t as accessable to them as they were to me growing up. I decided to have 23 of my favourite family photographs made into magnets so the boys would always be able to look at them, grab them or in River’s case eat them! Which is really sweet, Beau actually fell asleep last night holding a picture of the 4 of us. How adorable?!Super Snaps Magnets

River With Super Snaps Fridge Magnets

I fully recommend using Super Snaps if you have any prints you want to treasure forever, as amazing as technology is now a days it is still nice to have a hard copy! So vintage! If you use the code BUZZ15 at Super Snaps before the end of May you will receive 15% off your order!

Beau River Super Snaps Fridge Magnets

*These products were sent to me for review and all opinions of the service and items are my own*


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