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You are not alone

Times are changing

As I sat in a spa indulging in a bit of ‘me time’ today, it dawned on me how times are changing. How things really aren’t what they used to be. How incredibly different the world will be in 10/20/30 years from now.

Already I’ve been raising a small human for over 3 years which I find that so hard to believe and now we’ve added a second one to the mix! One of the biggest things I’ve struggled to get my head around is how fast the world wide web has evolved. It’s huge. It’s cyber space.

Buzz With The B

Taking that step

Fearing the unknown I decided to take that plunge and embrace it. Technology is now a part of our lives and will continually keep on growing. It is a scary thought. The internet can be a dark place, but it can be such a wonderful place too. A place for meeting like minded people, people you would never meet in real life. Friendships form, relationships begin and for me, memories are stored forever

Buzz With The B

So, to that little bit of fear inside me, its not all bad.  I am here for a purpose, to share our family adventures, our highs and lows. Sharing what we know and our little bit of wisdom, because you can guarantee, there’s someone out there, going through exactly the same thing and may just need to hear that they’re not alone. I’ve certainly been there and I’ve found so much comfort in knowing someone else has been through what I’m experiencing and knowing they’ve survived and are here to tell the tale!

So come along with me, know you are not alone and let’s do this together!

8 thoughts on “You are not alone

  1. Emma says:

    The internet can be a dark place but as you say, it’s also a very good place for making friends and for keeping in touch for old ones. It’s also such a good place to vent X

  2. Amy | All Things Amy says:

    Technology is an important part in our lives but I do think it’s unnecessarily advancing, like do we really need cars that drive themselves? The more advanced technology is, the lazier people become. However, I love being able to connect with people through blogging, and being able to capture moments with cameras is so precious!
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  3. Claire says:

    I agree, technology is becoming huge and playing such a massive role in our lives. I don’t necessarily 100% love the way it is growing and adapting but there are many advantages to the uses of technology these days. I’ve made some of the most wonderful friends and reacquainted with old friends through technology and I keep in touch with so many people too! I love documenting our lives & thoughts though, whether that is through blogging or just all the pictures and memories <3 xx

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